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The Complete Android Oreo Tutorial – Make 30 Apps free download

Introduction of the Course

Sriyank Siddhartha created The Complete Android Oreo Tutorial – Make 30 Apps course on Udemy. This is very beginner level course for new Android developers and fresh graduates. About 22897 students enrolled in this Udemy free course. Many students also provide good rating after taking this course. This is ideal course for beginners.

General Requirements

The basic requirements of this Udemy free course are Java basic syntax, Android studio installation and some information related to screen layouts and Android story board. You should have a PC with 8 GB of RAM. This course is specially designed for those students who wants to learn mobile applications. You can also download our another Android course https://freecoursestore.com/post/the-complete-android-p-java-developer-course-2019-free-download.

What You learn

The Complete Android Oreo Tutorial – Make 30 Apps course is one of the bestselling course on Udemy. In this course we cover the following sections Android Studio Installation and all about story board, Hello World your first app using Android Studio, Android Buttons and it's Various Types, LogCat for Application Development, Explicit Intents and its methods in detail, Activity LifeCycle how to handle two Activities, Understand all about Intents, Service, BroadCast Receivers, Activity and Content Provider, Toast and it's alignment in Android Studio, All types of screen layouts for Application Designing, Storing String Array using Strings.xml, Adding Custom Title Bar in your apk app, ANDROID INTERVIEW App, Text to Voice Conversion, Implicit Intent, Publishing your apk to Google PlayStore, Radio Button, CheckBox, Notifications with different styles and how to Apply Animation in your Apps.

Features of the course

The Complete Android Oreo Tutorial – Make 30 Apps course provides you the best solution of learning Android from very scratch. You can learn as absolute beginner, at the end of this course you should be able to deal intermediate Android applications. You can also learn about Java syntax and Java classes used in Android development. In this course you can also get all content of this course. You can learn all type of layouts in Android and basic tips of using Android Studio IDE.

Tools and Technology

In this course you can used Android Studio for mobile application development. The size of this course is about 4.04 GB. In this course you can also get 141 lectures, 50 downloadable resources and 17.5 hours of HD videos. https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-android-tutorial-for-beginners/.

Description of the course

The Complete Android Oreo Tutorial – Make 30 Apps course free download and start your mobile application career. Udemy free courses provide you the solution of Complete Android Oreo Tutorials. Learn Android Oreo Tutorials and complete your 30 apps.

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    https://www.udemy.com/cpp-deep-dive/ make this course available please

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    thank you for sharing this with us, who can't afford this

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