Front End Component Architecture (React and Angular) free download

Introduction of the Course

Ebenezer Ogbu created Front End Component Architecture (React and Angular) course on Udemy. He prepared a good section of front-end development technologies. React and Angular are modern languages to built user interfaces. About 22k students enrolled in this Udemy course. Many students also provide good ratings on Udemy. This course is best for learning large scale application in term of UI.

General Requirements

The basic requirements of this course are you should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JS libraries. You must have a PC with good internet connection. This course is designed for front-end developers and web designers. If you want to learn modern UI tools, you must take this course from Udemy. You can also download Udemy free courses from this site.

What You learn

Front End Component Architecture (React and Angular) course provides you the best solution of learning modern framework like Angular and React from scratch. In this course, you can learn how to design a complex UI and its components. You can also learn how to setup the environment of React and Angular, how to develop your first app using Angular, how to use mind map, how to deals with identified components and deploying environment of React and Angular.

Features of the course

Initially CSS and HTML used for building user interface for web applications. These languages are not scalable as compared to the complexity of modern web apps. Facebook introduce a light framework React for building complex UI. Angular and Reacts both are JavaScript libraries. Angular used for building cross platforms apps and React is used for building modern UI. In this course, you can get all information related to Front End Component Architecture.

Tools and Technology

In this course, you can use any IDE for Angular and React. Node JS and other libraries must be installed before starting this course. In this course, you can also get 6 downloadable resources, 4 hours of HD lectures and 6 sections for learning Front End Component Architecture. The size of this Udemy free course is abut 1.82 GB.

Description of the course

Front End Component Architecture (React and Angular) free download and learn modern UI techniques. Learn React and Angular from scratch. Udemy free courses provide you the best opportunity for learning complex UI tools.


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