Complete Data Science Training with Python for Data Analysis free download

Introduction of the Course

Minerva Singh created Complete Data Science Training with Python for Data Analysis course on Udemy. This course is for data science students and Computer science graduates. Many online organizations provide paid and free Data Science Training, but due to complexity of data science students don’t show good interest in this field. Data Science is emerging field in future. This course is totally different from traditional online Data Science courses. About 5,360 students enrolled in this Udemy course, many students provide good ratings.

General Requirements

The basic requirements of this course are you should have strong knowledge of mathematics and states. You should have Anaconda in your PC. If you are new in data science than don’t worry Minerva Singh provides you all the basic and advance features of data science. This course is for everyone who is interesting to learn modern data science techniques.

What You learn

Complete Data Science Training with Python for Data Analysis course provides you the best solution of learning practical data science techniques. In this course you can learn how to use Anaconda with live examples. You can also learn installation of data science tools like Anaconda, learn all about Python Data Science Packages like Matplotlib, Numpy, Pandas and Scikit, learn how to read statistical data from different sources, how to clean web pages data, data Pre-processing, Data Summarization using Python, Data Visualization, Supervised Learning, how to build basic Neural Networks for deep learning and how to deal with powerful frameworks for Implementing Deep Neural Networks.

Features of the course

Data Science Training courses are best way to learn practical data science from scratch. The instructor of this course has great experience in Data Science. He recently completed his PhD from Cambridge University. He also published many journals in Data Science at different international conferences. In this course, he starts from general overview of data science to practical examples using python. After taking this course, you should be able to deals with all practical projects of data science. You can analyze any statistical model in Python.

Tools and Technology

For this Data Science Training course, you can use Anaconda and other data science libraries for python. The size of this course is about 2.25 GB. You can also get 1 downloadable resources, 6 article and 13 hours of HD video lectures.

Description of the course

Complete Data Science Training with Python for Data Analysis course free download and increase your data science skills. Udemy free courses provide you the best solution of practical Data Science Training.


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